Accurate Controls relocates to accommodate growing staff/sales

May 8, 2006

Accurate Controls relocates to accommodate growing staff/sales

Ripon, Wis. – Accurate Controls, Inc., developer of state-of-the-art security automation systems for correctional institutions, recently relocated its corporate headquarters to accommodate a growing staff and to improve internal communication. Once housed in the historic Carnegie Public Library, in Ripon, Wis., the company now resides in a 12,500-square-foot building just across the street.

“The move allows our company to be more flexible and better serve our customers,” said President T.J. Rogers. “Now that everyone is under one roof, accessibility and communication between software developers, on-site engineers and technical staff is improved, allowing for seamless interaction and operations.” Previously, technical staff operated in separate buildings, apart from the rest of the staff. In the new facility, departments are all intertwined, allowing for improved communication. The engineering/project management, sales and accounting departments are housed together, while the software department shares a common area with the assembly department and testing room. “We specifically designed the floor plan in the shape of a triangle so there is only one step between each department, opening the lines of communication,” said Rogers. Additional property located next to the new building was also purchased to allow for future expansion.

Accurate Controls, established in 1989 with only two founding employees, has seen a 400 percent growth in the last five years and now employs more than 40 team members. Since 1992, the company has designed custom, integrated security systems for more than 200 correctional facilities across the United States, including Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Indiana, North Carolina, Mississippi, Colorado, Hawaii, Texas and Arizona. Recently, Accurate Controls completed projects for Larned State Security Hospital in Larned, Kan., Kankakee County Detention Facility in Kankakee, Ill., and Waukesha County Justice Center in Waukesha, Wis. Among the company’s most unique projects was the design and installation of a $1.2 million security system in Wisconsin’s first high-rise correctional facility – Milwaukee Secure Detention Center. All of Accurate Controls’ systems are non-proprietary, making components simple and less expensive to maintain or replace, according to Rogers.

Accurate Controls anticipates the move will increase company efficiency, making sales a smoother, easier process. During the past 10 years, sales have skyrocketed by nearly 300 percent, said Rogers, who attributes the company’s success to quality customer service principles. “Our customer-service plan is three-fold,” he said. “First, our customer is always right. We keep the best interest of the customer in mind. Second, we do not over complicate our equipment or the process. Rather, we implement equipment that is easy to understand and service independently. Finally, we are confident in our product, using recent, proven technology – not experimental products.”

Accurate Controls Inc., a full-service company based in Ripon, Wis., specializes in the development of integrated, state-of-the-art security automation systems for the corrections industry and related markets. The company’s custom-designed, non-proprietary security systems are in place in more than 200 correctional facilities throughout the country. For more information about Accurate Controls, visit or call 920-748-6603.