Accurate Controls improves touchscreen software graphics

Ripon, Wisconsin – Accurate Controls has updated the software graphics on their touch screen controls to make the system more user friendly. Utilizing easy-to-understand icons and colors, the new user interface is similar to that of the software driving most smart phones today. The new touch screen controls still utilizes Accurate Controls’ time-proven non-proprietary engine, but the graphics are vastly improved. The icons are larger and more universal—making them easier to understand.

“Because the previous product was driven by non-proprietary software, it had an industrial look to it,” said TJ Rogers, president of Accurate Controls.  “With improvements in the software technology, we were able to keep the proven functionality of our controls but mimic the look and feel of the smart-phone interface that people use on a daily basis. Best of all, the product is still completely non-proprietary.”

Users will also notice a few changes that were added to make their jobs easier.  When a graphic is touched, it is highlighted to remind the user it is activated.  With one touch, a user can turn on audio or video in any cell to monitor the activity.  Also, the previous software required two monitors: one for the controls and the other for the video.  Now, the new software features the controls and the video on the same screen so users only need one monitor. 

“The Accurate Controls product has always been great, but these changes have made it even more user-friendly.  The symbols are logical and intuitive so new users can learn the operation of the system quickly and easily.  With high staff turn-over rates in correctional facilities this is a very important feature of the security system,” said Jennie Mann, Director of Security Engineering at Moseley Architects in Charlotte, NC. Mann has been specifying the Accurate Controls products for over 5 years.

Accurate Controls Inc., a full-service company based in Ripon, Wis., specializes in the development of integrated, state-of-the-art security automation systems for the corrections industry and related markets. The company’s custom-designed, non-proprietary security systems are in place in correctional facilities throughout the country. For more information about Accurate Controls, visit or call 920-748-6603.