Crime Labs

A growing market craving integrated security systems, laboratories (drug manufacturers, crime labs and scientific labs) often must instill protective measures to ensure the general public isn’t exposed to drugs, viruses or bacteria. Moreover, they often require internal safety procedures to ensure tested/produced materials are not stolen, tampered with or copied. Accurate Controls works with laboratories to provide integrated security systems in which one touch-screen operator station controls multiple security functions – access control, video surveillance, fire and duress alarms, door control monitoring and more.

UL Listed and Non-proprietary

Accurate Controls’ systems are UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.) labeled for safety and use only non-proprietary technology . The systems can be used to integrate independent systems already in place. Or, Accurate Controls can develop a custom-designed security system to meet specific needs. All systems are easily maintained and operated, cost-effective and architecturally open ended, meaning they can be expanded upon in the future.


Our automated security systems are backed by a one year limited parts and labor warranty – among the best in the business!

Installation & Service

Since Accurate Controls institutional security systems are completely non-proprietary, third-party electricians are capable of installing the systems, or Accurate Controls can install the systems. That decision is completely up to the purchasing facility/owner. The same holds true for servicing or making future changes to the non-proprietary system.