Video Surveillance are the eyes of facility security, ensuring proper perimeter detection and interior monitoring.

Video surveillance and camera recording practices have transitioned over the last decade from analog cameras, coaxial cable and digital video recorders to Internet protocol (IP) based video management systems (VMS). These systems utilize Power over Ethernet (PoE) cameras and network switches to transmit digital video streams to dedicated video management servers. The IP infrastructure decentralizes the system making multi-building connections and future expansion easy.

The VMS is viewed using software that can be installed in multiple locations throughout the facility. Different camera viewing configurations can be modified per location and used to cover all areas of the facility. Access to recorded video and system settings are controlled through various levels of password protection. Features such as live multi-camera viewing, remote camera control and intelligent video searching are just a few options available through a VMS system.

Facilities can integrate their current analog cameras with a VMS by installing video encoders. The encoders convert the analog signal into a digital stream which gives facilities access to the benefits of an IP based digital system without having to replace all of their current cameras.

Accurate Controls offers seamless integration between most video management system manufacturers and programmable logic control systems for camera call-ups and viewing.