Video Visit and Arraign

Video Visitation

Video Visitation allows inmates to converse with visitors within a secured area. Inmates communicate from secure stations inside the prison with visitors in conveniently located visitation stations. Using video visitation technology, any inmate station can be immediately connected with a visitor station. A timer counts down until the time limit is reached. At that point, the communication terminates automatically. Video visitation is controlled by a central operator station; all conversations can be viewed and monitored by the operator, and operators can interrupt a visitor/offender conversation by speaking directly with them at any time.

The video visitation module is rich in features and unmatched in durability. The system features:

  • non-proprietary hardware and software
  • call buttons for visitors or inmates to signal the correctional facility staff
  • off-hook monitoring which alerts the correctional staff through their security database if a headset is damaged, tampered with or off the hook
  • real-time video and audio
  • seamless integration with touch-screen control stations
  • integration of information from the facility-wide database system onto text-generation monitors
  • images or time remaining appears on the unit’s monitor screen

Video Arraignment

Video Arraignment allows inmates to be present during arraignment and proceedings via video feed without leaving the correctional facility.

Benefits and Security

  • inmates/offenders never leave the security of the prison
  • fewer correctional operators are needed to manage the system
  • eliminate the exchange of weapons and/or drugs
  • stations are durable and designed to withstand abuse